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Hardware Insertion Machines

Haeger hardware insertion machines are the world leader in the development of innovative fastener insertion technology solutions. Haeger machines Create Hardware Insertion Profit Centers™ by optimizing labor, improving quality, and increasing productivity through the use of technology.

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Graining/Deburring Machines

Apex Machine Group offers high-quality abrasive sanding machines and supplies for processing a variety of wood, metal and composite/plastic products.

Apex now offers a full line of machines that can support up to four working heads, in order to achieve optimal results. Machines are available in widths from 13” to 64” wide.

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Press Brakes, Laser, Shears, Plasma Machines

Ermaksan is a leading industrial organization that shapes the sheet metal processing machines sector, with strong R & D, that produces high-quality machines and innovative technology. Ermaksan offers machines, such as Fiber laser, Industry 4.0 applications and 3D printer (additive manufacturing). The machines produced by Ermaksan now operate in 110 countries.

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Circular Saws, Band Saws, CNC Machining Centers
Pat Mooney Saws

Pat Mooney Saws philosophy is, “to be a successful enterprise, provide products that are reliable and then provide support for these products with good people who are well trained. It’s as simple as that.”

They offer high production circular saws, band saws, CNC profile machining centers, and aluminum upcut saws and machines.

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Waterjet Cutting Technologies
Techni Waterjet

Techni Waterjet focuses on developing waterjet machines & cutting technologies to give our customers a competitive advantage, by finding innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of waterjet cutting, Techni provides waterjet cutters that generate the highest return on investment in the industry. Techni Waterjet cutters are designed specifically for the very challenging cutting machine environment and offer lowest running costs in the industry.

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Plasma Machines
Controlled Automation

Controlled Automation specializes in quality machine design, manufacturing, and software. As well as new machinery, we are the industry leader in retrofitting control systems and remanufacturing structural steel fabricating machinery. All machines and controls are developed in the United States of America.

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Press Brake Dies

The name PERFECTION has a real and important meaning to us. Our aim is, and always has been, to achieve perfection in the engineering and production of both standard and special press brake die designs.

The material in our dies is a high carbon steel designed to resist compression and abrasion. All our dies are manufactured at our plant in Los Angeles, California.

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Press Brake Tooling, Clamping & Crowning Systems

Wila Press Brake tooling offers New Standard tool holders, New Standard and American Style Clamping Systems, and New Standard Crowning systems.

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Ironworkers, Plasma Systems

Piranha hydraulic ironworker machines give metal fabricators outstanding quality, innovative features, and unparalleled durability. Our ironworker machines range from 50 to 140 tons and include single operator and dual operator models. Every Piranha ironworker machine provides reliability, savings in machine set up time, versatility through a wide range of tooling and attachments, and superior factory engineering and support.

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Wet Dust Collectors

Diversitech's selection of Wet Dust Collection systems, featuring our Typhoon Series, utilize a stainless steel construction to collect combustible and volatile metal dusts.

Diversitech upgrades its line of Wet Dust Collectors with the Typhoon WX Series with online refill and other improved features to eliminate combustible dust fires and flammable sparks from industrial processes.

For applications that generate dust further from the collector, empty downdraft tables or extraction arms are popular options. Ideal applications for the Typhoon WX series include: grinding & deburring, sanding & finishing, buffing, pharmaceutical dust, aluminum, titanium and magnesium.


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The Essential CNC Tube Production Machine

Processing tube and pipe can be one of the most laborious areas of production.

The Dragon A400 uses plasma cutting, marking, and engraving to make CAD/CAM designs a reality. Any design of holes and end cuts can be plasma cut on the Dragon A400. The machine marks clear bending instructions such as bend location, rotation, and degrees on the tube. These bending instructions can be calibrated to your specific benders. For shops that fabricate with tube and pipe, the Dragon A400 is the essential tool for success.

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Fiber Laser, Panel Bender, Press Brake, Punch Laser, Punch

Salvagnini America


Salvagnini offers Automation for the sheet metal induststry with Punching Centers, Fiber Lasers, Panel Benders and Press Brakes.

SALVAGNINI PANEL BENDERS are efficiant automated systems. They range from small footprint electric machines to automatic, configurable process panel benders

SALVAGNINI PRESS BRAKES offer the features and benefits of Electric and Hydraulic press brakes. The Roboformer bending cell can be  added for robotic automation.

SALVAGNINI FIBER LASERS offers quality cutting accross a wide range of thicknesses, They have an automatic parameter modulation. Salvagnini was one of the pioneers in fiber technology.

SALVAGNINI PUNCHING CENTERS offers punching flexibility & productivity with disictive features, flexible automation and intergrability.‍

Precision - Automation - Reliability - Technology

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