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New vs. Used Machine

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Used Machine


  • Initially lower cost machine
  • Gets job done
  • Minor productivity increase


  • Cannot be upgraded to single part handling
  • Uncertain of condition of machine
  • May require more work to get machine running
  • Machine may not be able to be repaired due to obsolete parts
  • Incomplete tooling sets drive up cost
  • No warranty on machine
  • Long lead time on parts

New Machine


  • Reliable, updated machinery
  • Proven Time Study ROI
  • 1 year warranty on machinery
  • Minimal to no lead time on parts
  • Complete tooling sets
  • Major increase in productivity (Single Part Handling)
  • Fastener Detection, Fastener
  • Length, Insertion Graphing
  • Quick Change Tooling


  • None

The TRUE cost of buying used machinery

Used machinery may seem like the most affordable option at first glance. What most used machinery dealers don't tell you is the true condition of the machine and lack of technological advances. Buying used equipment can cost you thousands of dollars more because of the amount of service work needed to get the machine running again. Over the years Haeger® has been working to advance our technology to save you money. Our driving force has been to find new and creative ways to increase your productivity.

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