Ermaksan Press Brake

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Ermaksan Evolution Press Brake

Evolution II Hybrid Press Brake

The Fastest: 20 mm/sec

  • The new generation Evolution series press brake has high bending accuracy between +/- 0,01 mm

Eco – Friendly

  • An average 65% energy saving when used in comparison to standard press brakes.

Bending efficiency

  • Highest bending efficiency is achieved as no pressure is lost through proportional valves.

Ease of maintenance

  • Y1 and Y2 axes have stand-alone oil tanks.    
  • Maintenance is conducted only when required making the machine easy to maintain.

Quietest in its class: 63db

  • Noiseless (63db). The lowest noise level among its competitors. (TÜV-SÜD certified).

No need to change oil for 7000 working hours

  • New generation press brakes are developed to require fewer oil changes.

Oil does not heat up

  • Oil is more durable than ever because the oil does not heat up thanks to the pumping system, which does not run when the machine is at stand-by mode.

Reduced oil level: 95%

  • The amount of oil used within the machine has been reduced by 95% in comparison to standard hydraulic press brakes of  the same spec.

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