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Ermaksan HVR Shear

Excellent cut, perfect speed, Ermaksan CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear can cut all kinds of sheet metal to maintain the highest production capacity with maximum precision and quality.


  • Wear resistant blades.

Top blade = 4 cutting edge
Bottom blade = 4 cutting edge

  • Portable foot pedal is eligible for single and automatic cutting.
  • CNC controlled hydraulic blade gap adjustment system.
  • CNC controlled cutting angle adjustment system.
  • CNC controller (ERCUT 7).
  • CNC controlled motorized backgauge system.
  • 1000 mm motorized back gauge system with 0.1 mm accuracy.
  • Front support arms with T slot, ruler and flip stop.
  • Squaring arm.
  • Scales with metric and inches.
  • Cutting line illumination and shadow line.
  • Emergency stops.
  • Swing up backgauge.
  • Central lubrication system.
  • Front finger protection guard appropriate to CE norms, 1 m left side collapsible and switch protected.
  • Rear sliding plates.
  • Front sliding plates with ball bearings on the table.
  • 350 mm throat depth.
  • Pendant controller arm.
Ermaksan HVR Shear

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