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Plate rolling is one of the most complex metal fabrication processes. Changing just one variable directly affects numerous others. Today many plate rolls have CNCs with data tables that draw from decades of rolling experience, which has made the process much more predictable.

With predictability also comes automation. Some plate roll operations now have automated the loading, rolling, and unloading, producing precisely rolled workpieces time after time.

Plate or Sheet Bending Rolls fall into 2 general categories, Single or Double Pinch types. However they may have different geometries or operational features. Matching the most appropriate machine style to the application is of primary importance to the user in order to maximize the return on investment (ROI). 

General Common Roll Styles are as follows: 

  • 3 Roll Initial Pinch (also known as Single Initial Pinch or I.P. Rolls or Slip Rolls) 
  • 3 Roll Double Pinch (also known as 3 Roll Double Initial Pinch) 
  • 4 Roll Double Pinch (also known as 4 Roll Double Initial Pinch or simply 4 Rolls)
  • 3 Roll Variable Translating Geometry 
  • 3 Roll Pyramid or True Pyramid Rolls 
  • 2 Roll Machines 
  • Vertical Rolls (available in a variety of the above styles)
Carell Plate Rolls
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