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Apex Graining/Deburring Machines 

Who is Apex 

With over 45 years of expertise, Apex Machine Group has developed a multi use machine for your deburring and finishing needs. Apex Machine Group has developed a sanding machine that combines abrasive belts and oscillating brushes into one product. This apex sander can perform multiple functions at once. One machine can attach up to four different kinds of heads, depending on the task. With just one apex machine you can grind slag, deburr metal, round edges, polish, and finish metal, wood, and plastic substances. 

Apex Products 

Apex Machine Group offers machines and supplies for metal, wood and plastic materials.   

Apex Dry Metal Machines

These machines are designed to accommodate tasks such as slag grinding, dross removal, deburring, edge radiusing, and paint/surface preparation. They range from 1000 -3000 series or a top/bottom Dry Metal Brush Machine. As the series is increased you can increase the production requirement and load. 

Apex Wet Metal Machines 

Wet metal machines also complete the functions of deburring, dross removal, dimensioning, edge radiusing, and finishing. They range from 1000 - 3000 series depending on the production requirements. Wet machines can decrease the likelihood of the product deforming because of heat, and decrease the chance of potential explosions due to materials being mixed. 

Apex Metalworking EZ sander 

This ez sander machine is a way to upgrade your sanding operations without compromising size and cost. This machine was designed to be portable and compact while still being able to effectively complete the functions of deburring, grinding, slagging and straight grain finishing. The apex ez sander has an abrasive belt that can be switched out depending on the material, saving you the time in comparison to hand grinding.  

Apex Wet Dust Collector

The Apex Dust Collector filters air into a wet chamber to reduce the chances of a fire breaking out from other machinery. This machine is necessary when using an Apex dry metal finishing machine, to reduce your chances of sparks starting a fire. 

Apex Abrasives 

Apex Machine Group supplies abrasive sanding strips for metal, wood and plastic composites. These Apex sanding strips are offered in many different designs and materials depending on what product they are going to be for. Custom abrasives can be designed if you have a special material or application requests. 

Common Questions

Wet vs. Dry Machine 

The difference between a wet and dry metal machine is that dry machines require a dust collection system to reduce the risk of a potential fire. Dry machines have a longer lifespan and are generally less expensive than wet machines. Wet machines can decrease the likelihood of the product deforming because of heat, and decrease the chance of potential explosions due to materials being mixed. When using a wet machine, your parts will come out cleaner and with a better finish. Apex Machine Group offers a vast selection of wet and dry metal finishing machines for all your different projects.  

What is Deburring? 

Deburring is the process of removing sharp edges and small protrusions and irregularities on metal surfaces. These small protrusions or ridges are called burrs. Burrs interfere with the finishing process and increase the susceptibility of corrosion and degradation. Burrs can occur during different machine processes such as grinding, drilling, or engraving. Apex deburring machines will smooth away burrs and abrasive particles and help you create uniformity amongst your materials. 

Why Choose Apex

Apex Machine Group offers finishing solutions that increase your operations efficiency and reliability, and provide you with high quality results. Apex Machine Group is a world leader in metal, wood, and plastic sanding machines. Our wide range of machines come in different configurations and all can attach up to four heads onto a single unit. An Apex sanding machine is a multi use machine that will simplify your finishing process and achieve better results. 

Contact us today to learn more about Apex sanders and how they can improve your metal processing and finishing. 

Haeger Parts and Machinery 

Who is Haeger

Haeger is the leading manufacturer of insertion technology tools and machines. Haeger produces a wide range of machinery for any kind of self-clinching fastener attachment for your manufacturing needs. All of Haegers hardware insertion presses include SingleTouch Part Handling Technology. This technology allows four different types of Haeger self fasteners to fit  into a single handling part. Haeger insertion machines improve the assembly line process by increasing the quality and reliability of the parts you produce, as well as increasing your volume of output. 

Haegers products include standard Insertion machines and custom engineered insertion machines. There are four main types of insertion machines that all come with easy to use innovative features. 

Fastener Insertion Machines 
  • Haeger 618 MSPE
  • Haeger 618 plus
  • Haeger 824 MSPE 
  • Haeger 824 WindowTouch
  • Haeger 824 One Touch
  • Haeger 824 One Touch Lite
Signature Features of Haeger Insertion Machines  
  • Easy to use touchscreen 
  • Variety of self clinching fastener attachments
  • Automatic bottom feeding tool 
  • Multi shuttling tooling systems 
  • Up to 999 programs stored 
  • Haeger patented safety system 
  • Adjustable Ram Retract Position 

Haeger also offers different types of hand tools and a Pemserter Series 4 Press. 

Self-Clinching Fastener Technology

The Heager insertion press uses self-clinching fastener technology. A self clinching fastener is a steel or aluminum threaded device that when pressed into a cast iron metal sheet creates a mounting hole, and is pressed in for permanent attachment. The fastener is locked in place and prevented from rotating or falling out. These self clinching fasteners are used during the fabrication stage of the assembly process. 

In simpler terms, a self clinching fastener is a reliable way to attach a variety of screws to a thin metal sheet, and allow it to withstand friction and turning force. A Haeger self-clinching faster is stronger than a metal screw and provides more reliability during the fabrication process. 

How would you benefit from a Heager hardware insertion press? 

Fewer loose parts

loose screw parts such as washers, and nuts are no longer needed for the assembly line. The insertion press will also decrease the amount of missing and broken fasteners 

Shortens Process

a self clinching fastener will reduce the number of steps in the process, because the hardware installation is done during the fabrication process. 

Increased Reliability and Consistency

 Provides strong internal thread attachment and torque resistance, so that the attachment will not loosen or fall out. There is no hole preparation or post drilling after the application is complete. This provides for a reliable output across high volumes, and makes sure the fasteners are inserted the same way every time.  

Haegers self clinching fastener technology makes the assembly process quicker and easier to manage. This technology improves labor and productivity, as well as improves the consistency of the finished products. 

Insertion Press Models 

Hager 618 MSPE 
  • Variable Dwell Timer 
  • Positive Stop System 
  • Modular Auto Feed System
  • 6 ton ram force and 18 inch throat depth 
Haeger 618 plus 
  • Positive Stop System 
  • Adjustable Ram Retract 
  • Tooling Protection System
  • Modular Auto Feed System
  • 6 ton ram force and 18 inch throat depth 
Haeger model 824 MSPE
  • Tooling Rack 
  • Positive Stop System
  • Turret Insertion System 
  • Tooling Protection Controls
  • Modular Auto Feed System
  • 8 ton ram force with 24 inch throat depth 
Model 824 Window Touch
  • Pre-aligned base plate
  • Integrated tooling storage 
  • Energy saving and faster programming 
  • MAS 350 -  New Modular Auto Feed system 
  • New T Bracket and and Shuttle with integrated connectors 
Haeger 824 One Touch Lite 
  • 2 auto feed bowls 
  • Positive stop system
  • 24 inch throat depth 
  • Force Range max. 72 kN 
  • 2 position upper tool changer
  • 4 station turret insertion system 
Haeger 824 One Touch 
  • 4 autofeed bowls
  • 24 inch throat depth 
  • Quality control package
  • Positive Stop System 
  • Integrated tool storage
  • 4 station upper and lower tool changers

How You Can Benefit From Haeger Machines 

If you are experiencing insertion problems, or are simply wasting time and energy doing this process manually and fixing your mistakes, then Haeger machines are a must have for your business. Haeger has been a pioneer in this industry for over 40 years, and is still developing cutting edge solutions to solve insertion issues. The Haeger insertion press will help you reduce errors, improve your quality and save your business time and energy. Contact us today to inquire about a Haeger insertion machine, and how our self clinching fastener technology can solve your production problems. 

Ermaksan Innovative Technologies 

Who is Ermaksan

Ermaksan is a leading industrial organization that specializes in technology and research and development. Their research has engineered and created the leading worldwide sheet metal processing machine. Ermaksan takes an innovative approach with their R&D to develop new machines with cutting edge technology. Their R&D includes fiber laser technology, innovative machine models, industry 4.0 applications and 3D printers. Ermaksan machines are operated in 110 countries and they have a production capacity of 3,000 machines annually. The array of Emaksan machines include fiber laser cutting machines, press brakes, plasma cutting machines, punch press machines, and shear cutting machines. All Ermaksan machines are designed to increase speed, productivity and precision. 

Innovative and futuristic approach 

Innovation is a fundamental aspect of Ermaksan. Ermaksan machines are designed and manufactured with advanced technology. A key pillar of who Ermaksan is, is how they innovate by studying international technology trends and designing a product that fills a gap in the market. Ermaksn has extensive engineering experience and expertise in patented R&D. 


A principle of Ermaksan is the quality of their products. The aim is to maintain current quality standards and implement a total quality management system. Throughout their research and development they want to  continuously meet the expectations of their customers and their partners. They also aim to reduce their impact to the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of their products and manufacturing processes. 

Sales Support

After sales, customer service is the most important way that Ermaksan can connect with customers. Experienced engineers will carry out after post sales support, machine installation, and spare parts servicing. As a Ermaksan customer, you will benefit from reliable high quality customer service provided by educated technicians and engineers. 

Fiber Laser Technology 

A fiber laser cutting machine cuts metal to perfection. Fiber Laser technology is used to cut flat sheet metal of varying thickness. Fiber lasers have a shorter cutting time and higher precision as compared to CO2 laser cutting. Utilizing the increased speed and lower cost of operation, you can increase your production capacity with a Ermaksan laser cutting machine. 

Fibermak G Force Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 
  • 2.5 G High acceleration
  • High quality cutting heads
  • Piercing control and cut loss control  
  • Producing time decreases and productivity increases 
  • After sales support and upgrades can be added later
  • The software and automation are developed by engineers

Press Brake

A press brake is a machine used for bending sheet metal. A CNC press brake is computer numerically controlled, meaning it can be programmed to calculate the positions of ram and backgauge and calculate the correct bend sequence. 

Ermaksan Evolution II Press Brake
  • Bending efficiency
  • High bending accuracy and speed 
  • Saves energy by 65% 
  • Reduces oil level by 95% and fewer oil changes
Ermaksan Speed Bend Press Brake 
  • Speed and versatility 
  • Synchronized hydraulic press brake 
  • Increased production and high performance 
  • Twice as fast production capacity compared to traditional CNC press brakes

Plasma Cutting 

Plasma cutting is the process of cutting through metal by using a jet of hot plasma. 

Ermaksan EPL Plasma Cutting Machine 
  • Improve accurate cutting quality 
  • Low investment and operation costs 
  • Essential for production lines and automation 
  • Minimum maintenance and consumable parts cost 
  • Hypertherm EDGE® Pro CNC
  • HyPerformance® HPR130XD® plasma source
  • ArcGlide™ THC automatic height control system
  • TurboNest® Cad/Cam Software
  • 3 Axis (X,Y,Z)
  • Cutting table with pneumatic system
  • Moving control panel system
  • 2 Emergency buttons
  • 6 Mechanical stops

Punch Press

A punch press is a machine designed to to punch holes in metal 

  • Punch up to 6mm sheets 
  • Multi station turret and hold a die set 
  • Rigid steel structure + mono block frame 
  • 3 automatic repositioning clamps and loading switches
  • Combines hydraulic, electronic, and mechanical compounds into one machine

Shear Cutting 

Guillotine shear that can cut metal to maintain the highest production capacity. 

  • 4 cutting edge blades
  • Wear resistant blades 
  • Excellent cut and high speed
  • Maximum precision and quality 

How Can Ermaksan Technology Improve Your Business

Increase production capacity 

Ermaksan machines will decrease the time it takes to cut your materials, as well as decrease the number of mistakes or faulty cuts. This increased speed will increase the number of materials that are ready to be produced. Not only will you be able to produce more product, but the machines will ensure you have superior cutting quality. 

Save Money 

By increasing the speed of production, your business will save money. Ermaksan machines have a very low investment and low maintenance costs so you will get a return on investment. 

Give us a call or look through our inventory to find your new Ermaksan machine. We can help you find new or used machinery that fulfills your production needs. 

Pat Mooney Saws 

About Pat Mooney 

Pat Mooney Saws is a family owned and operated business that has provided reliable and innovative saws and saw parts for over 70 years. Pat Mooney Inc. is a national distributor of industrial metal saws machines, saw blades, and saw parts. If your business uses metal saws to produce your product, then Pat Mooney can provide you with the saw parts you need. Pat Mooney's founding philosophy is to “provide products that are reliable and then provide support for these products with good people that are well trained.” Pat Mooney has grown from a family business to an innovative brand with global partnerships, and a network of sales dealerships. Pat Mooney Saws will maximize your production performance through our signature high quality blades and our customer service and technical support. 

Pat Mooney saw types: 

Automatic Bandsaw Machines 

A Pat Mooney Fully automatic bandsaw allows you to program the number of saw cuts and cut length you want and leave it running without supervision. These automatic machines allow for easy set up and usage while increasing production capacity and accuracy. Simply input the cutting specifications and the machine will fulfill the job requirements. If your business requires high speed batch cutting, then an automatic bandsaw machine will greatly increase your productivity.  

Bandsaw Blades

A bi-metal bandsaw blade combines two metals to create a superior made blade. A Bandsaw blade has sharper and stronger teeth and every tooth is checked for quality. Pat Mooney is proud to be the MidWest Weld Center for the Bahco Bandsaw. 

Circular Saw Blades

Pat Mooney Circular Saw Blades are one of our signature saw parts. Our blades have a long blade life and a proper grind. We can optimize your tooth pitch, grind, and count and continuously resharpen your circular saw blade. 

Automatic High Speed Aluminum Saws 

Pat Mooney Aluminum high speed aluminum saws are fully automatic and include automatic material indexing and controlled head rotation. You can enter the length and number of pieces you want to cut and the machine will comply. These Pat Mooney Saws are user friendly, efficient and accurate. 

Aluminum Upcut Saw Machines 

Pat Mooney aluminum upcut saw machines are made to quickly saw aluminum profiles with a burr free finish. The saw blades are placed on a turntable so the piece being cut is set at angle, ready to be cut in seconds. The Pat Mooney non ferrous saws have a higher resistance to erosion and degradation. 

Aluminum Profile Machining Center 

The Pat Mooney Machining and Saw Center allows you to mill, drill, tap and saw non-ferrous materials. This center is a fully automatic industrial saw center that is equipped with aluminum upcut saw heads and a spindle. 

Why Should You Buy Pat Mooney Saws 

Reliable Quality 

Pat Mooney Saws are designed for easy use, durability, and accuracy. The Saw blades are made for high precision aluminum cuts and to withstand years of wear and usage. Pat Mooney also offers saw blading and sharpening to restore your saws back to their original quality. 

Range of Products 

Pat Mooney has an expansive well-stocked inventory of saw machines, saw blades, and saw parts that are ready for distribution. Whatever saw parts or machines you need for your business, we can provide it for you.  

Customer Support 

Our sales distributors are trained to assist and answer all of your questions. We offer training and machine demonstrations to our customers and our partners so everyone is well educated on all our saw products. Pat Mooney has invested in their employees and so they can have the confidence and education they need to help their customers. 

Contact us for more information about Pat Mooney saws and saw parts for your business today. 

Salvagnini Group 

About Salvigni Group 

Salvagnini group creates industrial machinery and flexible automation systems for processing sheet metal. Salvagnini designs, builds and sells automation systems that includes punching centers, fiber lasers, panel benders and press brakes. Salvagini is involved in a variety of application sectors, to offer customizable solutions and innovative technologies for different companies. Salvagnini technology is designed to streamline your manufacturing process and shorten your workload so you can save time and increase productivity. 

Salvagninis Technologies

Flexible Automation 

Flexible automation is the process of changing sheet metal into the final product in a fully automated environment. A “lean manufacturing” environment is one without an operator needed, and the automated machinery does the work. The Salvagnini machines work together to complete the manufacturing process. Lean Manufacturing also eliminates time wasting practices and reduces the entire length of the production process. 

Industry 4.0 

Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is an integral part of the Salvagnini Group. Industry 4.0 is when machines become deeply interconnected and adaptable and are able to exchange information between themselves. Salvagnini's technology interconnects cyber physical systems and technology to increase efficiency and improve working conditions. 

Salvagnini Products 

Panel Benders 

Salvagnini Panel Benders are automatic and compact bending solutions. The Salvagnini Panel Bender has great versatility, flexible automation, an adaptive system, and sustainable technology. The machine automatically adapts to changes in the environment and materials. 

Fiber Laser 

Salvagnini was one of the first companies to invest in fiber laser technology. Fiber laser cutting technology is a quality way to accomplish precision cutting while reducing consumption and operation costs. Salvagnini’s laser machines are highly adaptable, simplistic and versatile. The modular automation and ergonomic design increase productivity and reduce waste. 

Punching Centers 

Salvagnini’s Mechatronic punching machine contains a multi press head with a fiber laser and flexible automation. The evolution hybrid technology reduces consumption cycle time. The thick current tools can be mounted on the press head alongside a fiber laser. 

Press Brakes 

Salvagnini press brakes combine features of electric and hydraulic brakes with knowledge of automation, software, and mechanics. A press brake is designed to punch and bend sheet metal to different forms. The Salvagnini ROBOformER is a fully automatic press brake run by one controller and program. 

Implement Salvagnini Technology Today 

Salvagnini offers futuristic and innovative solutions for your factory process. By using Salvagnini Machines you can streamline your automation process and let your machines do the work for you. Salvagnini machines all work together from the beginning of the process to creating the finished product. The technology is cutting edge and will deliver a precise and reliable product every time. If your business is interested in automating the production of your products and improving your technology, contact us today. 

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